Listening от Cambridge Assessment — 3. (видео, карточки, аудио)

Третья часть великолепных заданий на listening от Cambridge Assessment. На этот раз диалоги довольно развернутые и более сложные, чем в первой и второй части.

Задания представляют собой карточки с тремя картинками. Ребенок, прослушав диалог, записанный носителем языка, должен выбрать картинку-ответ.

Первая часть подобных заданий здесь.

Вторая часть здесь.

А это видео третьей  части:

Транскрипт диалогов.

Диалог 1 «Which museum is Jack’s grandma going to work in?»

— I’ve got a new job now, Jack. In a museum. I’m going to start today!

—  So where is this museum? Is it the one next to my school?

— No, not that one.

— I know! Is it that big one opposite the hospital?

— No, it’s the one in the park.

— Wow! My class is going to visit that museum next month!

Диалог 2 «What does Jack enjoy doing most in museums?»

— I enjoy visiting museums.

— That’s good. Do you like drawing the things that you can see there?

— Yes, but I like finding out about different things most of all. There’s always something interesting to read.

— I agree.

— I’d like to pick things up and hold them too, but you can’t do that in every museum, can you?

— No, that’s right, Jack.

Диалог 3 «What is the most interesting thing in the museum?»

— It’s a very exciting museum. You can learn a lot about history there.

— Are there any dinosaurs?

— No. The most interesting thing in the museum is a boat that sailed all round the world 400 years ago.

— Wow! What else?

— Well, there are a lot of old gold and silver things. Some of them are 1,000 years old!

Диалог 4 «What is Jack’s grandma going to do in the museum?»

— But what are you going to do there? Are you going to work in the shop there?

— No. I wanted to sell food to people who are visiting.

— That’s a nice job.

— Yes, but they asked me to do something different … I’m going to show children who visit the museum interesting things and explain the history to them.

— That’s excellent. You’re very clever, Grandma!

Диалог 5 «How will Jack’s grandma get to work?»

— Are you going to take the bus to the museum every day?

— No, it’s sometimes too slow.

— What about a taxi? That’s very quick.

— Yes, but it’s too expensive.

— So what will you do?

— I’ll take the train. That’s the best way to get there.

Если в первой и второй части диалоги-задания касались разных тем, то эти задания крутятся вокруг одной.


Не всегда есть возможность показывать видео на уроке, поэтому я могу выслать pdf файл с цветными карточками, которые можно распечатать, и mp3 файл с диалогами-заданиями.  Пишите в комментариях.

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