Listening от Cambridge Assessment — 2. (видео, карточки, аудио)

Вторая часть listening от Cambridge Assessment в таком же формате.

Задания представляют собой карточки с тремя картинками. Ребенок, прослушав диалог, должен выбрать картинку-ответ.

Первая часть подобных заданий здесь.

А это видео второй части:

Транскрипт диалогов.

Диалог 1 “What is the DVD about?”

— Dad, come and watch this DVD with me.

— What’s it about?

— It’s a story about the sea.

— What – sharks and fish and things?

— No, it’s about a boy and some dolphins.

Диалог 2 “Who is Vicky’s piano teacher?”

— Oh, look. There’s my piano teacher.

— The man with the mustache?

— Yes. And he’s very thin.

— Is he nice?

— Yes. Very.

Диалог 3 « What clothes does Nick want to wear at school today? »

— Mum, we can go to school in funny clothes today. You know, like a pirate or something.

— Great. What do you want to wear, Nick?

— I want to wear those clown clothes from my birthday.

— They’re dirty. I know. Get your dad’s white coat and you can be a doctor.

— OK.

Диалог 4 « Where did Peter find the shell? »

— This shell’s beautiful, Peter. You can find lots of  beautiful shells on the beach.

—  Yeah, and sometimes you find them near waterfalls.

—  That’s right.

— Yeah. But I found this one in a different place. In a big forest. Isn’t that great?

— Wow, I am surprised.

Диалог 5 « What is Daisy doing now? »

— Is Daisy getting dressed? We must go.

— She’s eating her breakfast.

—  Oh, that’s good.

—  Yes. I woke her up when you were in the bathroom.

Диалог 6 « What sport did Anna get a cup for? »

— Mum, Anna got a cup today for sport.

—  Did she? She’s very good at skating. Was it for that?

—  No it was for table tennis.

—  That’s great.

—  Yes. And her sister got one for the long jump, too.

Диалоги легкие и понятные, на разные темы.


Не всегда есть возможность показывать видео на уроке, поэтому я могу выслать pdf файл с цветными карточками, которые можно распечатать, и mp3 файл с диалогами-заданиями.  Пишите в комментариях.

Если вы считаете материал интересным, поделитесь им с друзьями в социальных сетях.

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